Drawers not always loading data

I have drawer in one on my Skuid pages with main table and drawers when the page is loaded drawers shows data when they are opened.

But if the user searches for on the main table and data changes the drawer do not have data when they are opened.

The model that is used in drawer is being queried when the drawer is opened.

Is the model used in the drawer the same as the model in the main table that the search is being executed on? You might want to make them separate models. Then the search criteria on the main table model won’t effect the conditions in the model in the drawer. I’m just a beginner though, so I might not know what I am talking about.


Try using the ‘before load actions’ on the drawer to query the drawer’s model, instead of querying every time the drawer is opened. Then each drawer should load only once, when it is first opened.

Thank you Raymond and Matt.

Matt, I am using ‘before load action’ but I am still not getting proper results. When the table is first loaded when the drawers are open there are rows displayed but if someone searches for different records in the main table the drawers are not loading with data.