Drawer Opened Icon Error

I have added icon to button “sk-icon-leftarrow”, action added “Open/Close Drawer Action” and selected “sk-icon-comments” as Drawer Opened Icon. 

If i click on button open drawer action working properly, but if i click to close drawer “icon” not displaying, instead of “sk-icon-leftarrow” it displaying error icon on button.

Error only for “Open/Close Drawer Action” which is inside “Branch”.

Using Skuid version: 9.3.3

Please help me out…

Do you see an “Update Out of Date Themes” on your themes page? If so, hit that and see if it solves your problem.

Furthermore, are you using a custom theme or are you using one of our themes ‘out of the box’ like ‘classic’ or ‘Ice Age’?

We had a bug similar to this a while back where the icon chosen wouldn’t show and instead it would show a different icon. If Updating Out of Date Themes doesn’t help, let me know. I’ll try and find which upgrade fixed that issue.

I’m using custom theme which is created using moderentheme base

Thank you for providing that guidance. It is helpful. 

Do you have any quick XML of your branch logic and icon placement so that we can have the same set up that you do?

Don’t have any XML code

My bad, I meant your page XML for the page you’re seeing this happen.

You can copy it over into here and I can paste it into my org to see what the setup is.