Drawer not finding right context

I have 2 models: “Topic” and “Analyst Coverage”. Analyst Coverage has a lookup field to Topic. The default page is a table of all the Topics, with a drawer as a row action to view the Analyst Coverages under each Topic.

But, I can’t get the Drawer to show any Analyst Coverages under the Topics at all, and I’ve done this same process a million times over on other pages with no problems. I have the Context of the drawer set: Topic of records = id of row in context.

I can even expand the drawer and add Analyst Coverages under the topic, and it creates the records and they show up there. But when i collapse the drawer and re-open it, they are gone.

Anyone have any ideas as to what’s going on here? Like I said, I’ve done this a million times over without any problems, but this time it won’t work.

This is the default page with a drawer opened that shows no records:

I can add and save them, and they show up. But, when I close the drawer and re-open it, they are gone:

Literally made a clone of the model and deleted the old one and it worked - didn’t change a thing. May be a small bug

Hmm - glad you got it sorted out. My guess is that the “Model” property for one of the Actions / Components involved may have gotten out of sync.

I would agree with you - changes were made to the SFDC Objects so I copied the XML and did a Find/Replace to make the changes to the fields - that’s probably where I got caught up.