drawer filter problem/ bug

I have a table with drawers. The drawer table has filter features.
If I open 1 drawer and apply a filter I see the correct filtered rows in the drawer table
If I have another drawer open at the same time, this drawer also shows the filtered rows

So far, so good, however:

If I then apply a different filter to the 2nd drawer, or even different values in the same filter, it shows the results of the new filter, but the first drawer then displays no rows. 

I then cannot change any filtering on the drawers and need to reload the page to get the filters to work at all.

Any help much appreciated.



Are both drawers based on same model?

If yes that may be the problem as you are basically applying a condition on that model when filtering.

Therefore it affects the data returned in both drawers

Try cloning the model and assign it to one of the drawers, and keep the other on existing model

Hope it helps


thank you for the prompt reply. I think I explained it badly.

There are not two drawers only one drawer, it is however, opened on more than one row in the master table . So in effect they have to be on the same model. 

Is that clearer? Maybe I could add a screen shot?


Hi Ben

If i understand you right, you have a table with some rows and with a row-action-drawer wich has another table in it with filters.
When you open the drawer from the first row and apply a filter in there, then open the drawer from the second row and set another filter, then the table in the drawer from the first row shows something different then before.

That’s because both drawers use the same model and each filter apply sets new conditions on this model.

Solution: you have to close one drawer, when you open a new one, and query the model.


thanks for the reply. I am not getting behaviour that is consistent with what you say - so something is wrong.

All drawers have before load actions that include setting model condition and querying the model

However any filters applied in the drawer table cause problems with other drawers:

Below. Table of SMART results, with drawers of Milestones. All SMART results have Milestones with status of planned.

I open first drawer in SMART result “Q3 certification delivery” and I see all the drawer rows irrespective of status, I do the same with “Q3 SMART data delivery” and “Q3 Supply chain delivery” again I see all the drawer rows.

If I apply the filter “planned” status to the Milestone drawer of “Q3 certification delivery” (the top one below) I no longer see any records in this drawer or the drawer below (“Q3 SMART data delivery”) despite there being rows that fit with this filter. Irrespective of what I now do to the filters or the drawers (open, close drawer, remove/ reapply filters) I now cannot make any rows reappear in the top two drawers. Only way to get the rows back is reload the page.


Any thoughts on this. It’s a big problem for us. Cheers Ben

Is it a requirement for you that you have multiple drawers open at the same time? if not, you could force only one drawer open at a time as a work-around.

It is really as the drawers are actions on milestones in the same project, so it is really good to see them all at once. 


It turns out that you’ve found a bug with how table filters work in drawers. Our devs are now aware of this issue and we’ll let you know when a fix is released.


Amy thanks for the update. Ben