Drag & drop Queues page not working as a Page include

I have a drag and drop queues page built on the opportunity object that allows us to move opportunities easily through “stages” (followed this tutorial: http://help.skuidify.com/m/11720/l/217806-queue-component-custom-item-renderers ). Everything works great on this page when previewed. I then created an additional tab on our opportunity tab page to show this page via a page include and for some reason the “drop” function of the page does not work any more. Any suggestions?

Before digging too far here lets take care of the standard question:  Are any model names repeated between the opportunity page and the drag and drop detail include?  This will always cause problems.  Usually very unexpected ones. 

My guess is that need to change Line 23 in the Inline JavaScript resource in the tutorial (the JavaScript that makes the Queues droppable) from this:


to this:


This is a standard change necessary to make Skuid JavaScript code work both in regular page load scenarios as well as when loaded from Page Includes.

Rob- Nope that is the first thing I checked.

I have fixed the documentation to make the change I recommended above, and have tested that this indeed allows this page to work with or without Page Includes. I have also updated the same page XML.


I think we are getting closer. Here is a screen shot of what I did to the JavaScript as per your comments.

Here is what happens after the above saved changes:


Megan can you check the JavaScript Console to see if there are any JavaScript errors?

Thanks I’m having a little trouble reading it, what does it say is undefined? Maybe just copy that line from the console and paste it in here.

I think I have the exact same configuration for this page and it is not doing this for me — Page Include in Tab in a TabSet.

Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user’s experience. For more help, check http://xhr.spec.whatwg.org/.https://na15.salesforce.com/17181/logo180.png Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)
OpportunityTab:54 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘is’ of undefined

yes tab set

Try changing line 13 in the “Make queue contents droppable” Resource to be this, and see if that fixes it:

if (this.element && this.element.is && this.element.is(queueElement)) {

SUCCESS!!! thanks so much for your help!

Yay, glad that worked! I’ll update the repository and tutorial again to add this extra piece.