Drag and drop sort order in V2 Spark tables

We have a requirement to allow drag and drop rows to reorder a table. This has long been possible in V1 with a sortable snippet. Is this possible in Spark V2? I did not see the ability to add a custom component to the page to even try with javascript. 

Hi Craig — you can’t add a custom component (yet) in V2 — the ability to add custom components is coming in a future release of V2, but is not available right now. You can add JavaScript to the page via Static Resources or Inline JavaScript, however.

More to the point, though, in V2, we don’t currently support applying jQuery sortable() to V2 Table components in the way that you would have done with V1. That said, the ability to drag and drop rows in a table to affect a change to a field such as sort order is certainly something that’s on our radar.

Is there any update on this? can we sort rows in table?

Hi @Skuidified

  • can you share more information on what you mean by sorting?

    You can currently sort table rows based on the values in a column.

  • Users cannot currently drag and drop table columns or rows to rearrange them. Is this something you're interested in?

Branched this topic into an idea, which you can vote up here: http://community.skuid.com/discussion/8015520/v2-drag-and-drop-to-rearrange-table-rows-in-runtime

We published an experiment for using a third party utility to provide Drag and Drop in Skuid. Check it out: skuid-labs/experiments/snippets/v2DragDrop at master · skuid/skuid-labs · GitHub