Drag and Drop ordering lists

hello We use a lot of priority lists ( in projects , phase, steps/tasks and in general views ) , Whilst Skuid works very fast in editing, it would be very welcome to reordering items in a list by dragging&dropping For instance if I have a tasklist ordered on the Duedate and I wil drag&drop an item from that same list inbetween two other dates. The item will then get a date inbetween the two Or if I order the same list on PRIORITY and drag an item from URGENT to MEDIUM it automatically adjusts the priority field and shows the newly ordered list instantly regards Edwin

Wow, that would be so cool!

Along with the ability to update a field with the  {{index}} value when changes are made. This without having to press save. An on/off feature for the table to the “Drag/Droppable” with the option to update a field with the {{index}} value.

That would be sweet!  Totally agree with the usefulness. 

Would love this in our org. Please, Please incorporate Skuid Team.