double-clicking on model to create table/field editor: change interaction to button instead of doubl

I like the ability to quickly create a table or field editor with all fields in the model, however I find it a bit frustrating to use. I tend to accidentally double-click when I mean to single click to expand the fields/conditions/actions…or I click once, those options expand and the model’s location on the page changes, so then my second click is on something other than the model.

I think it would be easier UX to have this feature as a button next to the model clone and delete buttons, instead of as a double-click interaction.

YES! Also find it iterating. 

What?! Wow! How cool is that?! Three years coding in Skuid and never had a clue you could do that!

I guess that is a solid vote for Conlan’s idea!

I guess I don’t have a double-click problem here. Surprisingly.

I believe this feature was new in Millau, so it’s not that you’ve been missing out on this for 3 years :slight_smile: