Doss the V2 Calendar source on-click event details modal allow ID to be edited?

Perhaps I am missing something with the V2 Calendar component.

We are migrating a V1 calendar to V2. Each has a source with an On-Click action that displays the default “Show event details modal” (“Show default Popup” in V1).

The V1 Popup shows the 3 fields that are used in the event template on the calendar, plus the event date-time. The Record Id appears as a header in the popup title bar.

V2, however, displays “Event details” as a header. It then displays the Record Id and the calendar date – as editable fields!! None of the template fields are displayed in the modal. There is also a Delete button on the modal.

I don’t think we want to expose those two fields in particular to the user to edit or delete, and ESPECIALLY not the Record Id. Is there somewhere this default modal can be changed?

You can replace the default event details popup with a custom popup. (or any custom UI manifestation) to show detailed information about the calendar event. The OnClick action is now simply a trigger point for the full set of skuid actions. Configure and customize to your heart’s content.

I found that! Thanks. That’s the difference between self-development and auto-migrations. Ad the exposed Record Id turns out to have been my doing in playing with the “Event Title Field” property on data I am unfamiliar with. The custom modal works much better!

Glad it worked for you. Let us know how the general migration experience is going. We know its a big effort because the differences between V1 and V2 are so large.

Generally it’s going well, but the Calendar migration seems a little thin.

Tell me if this XML raises any red flags with you:
<onClickEventActions interaction=“onClickEventActions”> …
<onCreateActions interaction=“onClickEventActions”> …
<afterChangeActions interaction=“onClickEventActions”> …

Not only was this created by the Migration tool, but I cannot change it in the Composer. There are 3 items in the picklist for Interaction type: On-click, Create event, and Event update. However, only On-click can be selected. Either of the other choices immediately rolls back to On-click.

Should the “interaction” property match the tag name in all 3 cases?

Would this explain why when I click in a block on the calendar, my “create” modal is pre-populated with an existing record!?