Donut Graph with negative number

What one of the two points of a donut graph is a negative the circle turns three dimensional and displays off the screen. I know the donut graph is quite limited, has anyone been able to fix this?


Um… Negative numbers and donuts don’t work well together.  Here are some options: 

1. use a different chart type.  Columns, lines, etc. 
2. Add a UI only field on your model that limits values to positives.  (something like  if {{FieldName}}<0,0,{{FieldName}})

Here is the question.  What is the business scenario you are trying to show with this donut? Why can it have negative numbers? 

Hey Rob,

Thanks for the reply! I see donuts and negatives don’t play nicely.

I tried your first scenario but who I building the chart for would really prefer a donut chart.

2. I thought of that same idea this morning. It should work, it just a big workaround because this a large report with a lot of different charts and this logic will have to be built for each one.

Use Case:

Create a graph to show the Sales vs Goals per team by quarter. There are 6 different teams and I need to show the sales vs goal data for each team. You can have a negative number when you started the quarter out with a large return. 

Another tactic would be to create a before render snippet that stripped the negative numbers.  This one snippet could be used by all your visualizations.  (but I don’t have time today to write it for you…) 

Thank you for the other suggestion. I created a Ui-only field with an IF statement pulling in the field with the value. If the value of the field is less than 0 it shows 0 if greater it shows the number. It is working perfectly and didn’t take too long.

Now if we could just alter the middle section of a donut!!