Does the RemoveRowbyId method work for Ui only models when an Id/ExternalKey field is selected in th

I am trying to remove a row in a Ui only model based on an Id field. The JavaScript completes successfully, but the row is not deleted. What am I missing?

Hmm, I’m not sure exactly why this wouldn’t be working, but I suspect that the issue is that the Ui-Only Model’s row Id isn’t the same as it’s “Id” field value. You might try finding the row to remove by finding the model row with a specific field value, and then using abandonRow(), which takes a row as an argument rather than a field, like this:

var rowToRemove = mod.getRows().find(function(row) {
    console.log("row.Id = " + row.Id);
    return row.Id === caseId;

if (rowToRemove) {

That seemed to work. Thank you!