Does the calendar component support inactive events?

I would like to display all scheduled events on a calendar but only let users interact with “active” events. Once the event has reached its capacity, users no longer have access to it, but they should still be able to see the item on the calendar.

Hi Mike

A possible idea would be to render 2 models, 1 for today and forward and the other yesterday and backwards and then display both data sources in the calendar conditionally rendered by dates according to Today(). Just an idea. Let me know if that isn’t a good work around for you and we can look into something else perhaps.

Thanks, Gregg. The models would be based on a Capacity value and a rollup summary field rather than dates, but the concept might work. 

Unfortunately, I have run into other problems with the calendar and have abandoned that approach. The lack of an action framework and standard popup methods in the event behavior have played havoc with the features I am trying to build.

(I’ve also encountered a bug with the Hide Footer table option in 11.1.14 […], and this may be where my problems were occurring. I’ve spent too much time on this to go back and rework it again with the calendar.)

Hi Mike

Sorry to hear that you have run into problems.  Perhaps the calendar component isn’t the right approach.  Have you thought about using a Queue Component or a series of them?  Which version are you currently using?

My use case allows a Deck component to provide a comfortable user experience. Rendering rules and the full Action Framework provide more control than the Calendar component’s Event Behavior. I am not familiar with the Queue, so I will take a peek at that. We are on 11.1.14 in production but just upgraded to 11.2.8 for development (and got some appreciated bug fixes!).

Ok. I’m closing this thread. You are welcome to post a new one if you get hung up again. - Happy Skuiding!