Does Skuid work with Public calendars?

Does skuid work with public caledars and resource calendars?  If so how are events distinguished.  Right now we have a Skuid calendar that just brings in all events and we are having users share their calendars with roles or subordinates or specific users if they want the to be able to edit their events.  For instance, the medical department, who schedules all the doctor appointments, needs to be able to edit each other’s calendar events.  I am just double checking to see if this is the best way to use events on the calendar or if it would have been smarter to use Public and Resource calendars.

I think I am fine because it is working well.  Just wanted to check my method.

A few objects to get started.
EventRelation (Resource related to this)
User (Public Calendar stored here)

Thanks Pat! I did some more reading on the subject and it looks like there are some serious limitations to using public calendars and resources. One major one is that you have to be on the public calendar in order to create an event. And the event does not show up in the related list. One cool thing with Skuid is if it is related to an object or account that the user has access to it appears like it shows up in the Skuid calendar. But the fact that an event can be created from the account page, or vehicle page or other custom object is a really bad work flow issue. So, with my current understanding, it sounds like I lucked into the best approach, for now. I will just continue to share out the user’s calendars to the specific users, groups, roles, or roles and subordinates that need access. This will likely mean that my integration with outlook etc won’t go as deep, but at least It appears my method is a very functional and user friendly method. Thanks again for taking the time to look into this for me Pat.

Rich.  I wouldn’t say you Lucked in to the right approach.  I’d say you found the right approach and have been able to dismiss inferiour options.  (Grin).