Does Skuid Support Dated Exchange Rates?

I see from years back Skuid did not support Dated Exchange Rates. 

Does Skuid currently support dated exchange rates and if so, when did that support come out/what version?



I think this question is better directed at Salesforce .

Conversely though, it would be pretty slick to have Skuid provide an Exchange Rate field rendering option. This can be done using be done using a custom field renderer.

Thanks for the reply. I should elaborate a bit more…

In Salesforce we already activated multi-currency in a Sandbox and starting tested out Dated Exchange Rates and Currencies. There is the ability for Skuid in the past to pull one exchange rate for currencies, but I don’t know if they now support Dated Exchange Rates that Salesforce provides (they didn’t in the past from what I see).

Hmmm … wouldn’t know. Curious though.

Silly that it only works on Opportunities.


Currently, Skuid does support Parenthetical Currency Conversion but Skuid does not support Advanced Currency Management. Please note that, as noted in this documentation, enabling Advanced Currency Management will cause unexpected behaviors within your Skuid components so you will want to look at any pages where you have currency fields to make sure they are behaving as desired. Support for advanced currency management is logged as a feature request for our product management team to consider and is something we have been discussing internally.

Sorry, I know this isn’t the response you were hoping for … 


Thanks for the official response to my question. Yes, it wasn’t what I was hoping for, but glad that it is on your radar.