Does skuid support any functionality to import excel data into a model?

Does skuid support any functionality to import excel data into a model? I discovered the import wizard, but I believe that inserts records into salesforce which is not what I’m looking for.

Skuid is currently built to only interact with data in salesforce.  There is not really a concept of “stand alone models”  currently - though its somthing we have considered.  So the data import wizard (or any other data loader utility) interact first with salesforce objects,  and then only secondarily with the Skuid models.

Can you explain a little more what you are trying to do?  It would be good for us to hear your specific use case as we consider future enhancements.   

We are creating an opportunity. This opportunity has billing group members that we need to create. These members are generated using billing groups we are making on the page and accounts which have already been made. The problem we face is that our users sometimes have many accounts that need billing group members. They already have the data in excel, so it would save them time to upload that data into a model that we could manipulate into the correct form for our users. 

It would definitely be a useful feature to have models and fields that are more custom. With the javascript abilities that currently exist in skuid it would make some tasks easier.

At this point the best we can do is get the data into salesforce, and then use skuid pages to easily scrub and adjust the data.  Inline editing and mass actions on our table make that a breeze.