Does Skuid Have a NEW button and Record Type selection page for leads?

Is there a way when a new lead record is created, that prior to going into the edit page, a record type page first shows up in order to select the lead record types? 

Make it part of the new page? Use a UI only boolean value called “RecordTypeSelected” to conditionally render the RecordType field first all by itself.

@ Pat: Good suggestion.

oh this seems over my head and through the woods…are these the correct settings?

Sure. You just won’t be presenting the field to the user. You’ll be creating a model action when the RecordType field is edited to set this field to True. Then you have a method to control which components to present to the user. When false show a field editor with the RecordType field rendered as a picklist. When true show everything else. :wink:

Thank you Pat!

Quick question, which is the better method in your opinion to create a new record?

Using a button with button actions or with js?

Always action framework, as it allows easier management. Assume anyone else working on this page or in future doesn’t know js.