Does a Branch on a Mass-Action run for each row?

We are trying to create a branch that acts as a validation to make sure each row selected has the same lookup Id as all the other selected rows for a given field. In our example this is a lookup to a custom “Part” field.

However, we are getting mixed results when using a branch to compare the row to the top row, using global merge syntax. 

Do Branches on Mass-Action buttons run on each row?


It doesn’t look like they do. I also couldn’t get the branch action to work correctly in a mass action. I’ve notified our developers of this issue and we’ll let you know when this is fixed in a future release.


Thank you!

any fix to this?

Hi Arne-Per,

It looks like this is still with our developers. I have highlighted this as a need with the team again, and will keep you updated when this is released.



Thanks Josh. For current need wrote JS solution but am excited to have the functionality as part of action framework so I delegate upcoming uses (there are many). Thanks for all that you guys did. Cheers!

Mass Actions run once with all rows in context, rather than running multiple times with one row in context. Unfortunately, this means that when evaluating a condition, such as in a branch, Skuid works with only the first row in context.

We are investigating some exciting alternatives, but the desired behavior is not supported in the current release.

As a work around, you could use a JavaScript snippet to call an Action Sequence multiple times, passing in a different row with each invocation.