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Are those fields included in your Model? If they aren’t queried, then they won’t have values.

Hi Joe, can you do a console.log on your “firstContact” variable is it actually getting a row?

@JD - yes, they’re included but I’m not sure how to get them into the snippet to work. The default code above passes through the primary contact role but I get errors when trying to add any others to sign. I would have to delete that person and then I’m able to add new signers no problem.  

@Ben - the beauty of Skuid is I’m not technical and can build awesome pages! Can you expand on how to do what you’re describing so I can get that answer for you?

Thanks, guys.

I’m almost being forced to not give my reps the efficiency of having people automatically added as signers to get this launched.

Joe.  Please give your reps efficiency!

What Ben means is the following:  
Below this line of code: 
       var firstContact = contactRoleModel.getFirstRow();
Add the following line of code: 
       console.log (‘First Contact Value’, firstContact);

This will output the value of that that variable to the browser console.  If nothing is there,  then you can work back up to see why the opportunity roles model isn’t getting loaded. If it is there you can inspect it to see whether there are rows with the data you expect. 

Javascript debugging.  Fun for all ages.