Documentation on custom views

Custom Views have long been a feature of Skuid.  Unfortunately, the documentation for them has not kept up with the great enhancements that have been made to the core product.  For example, there is no documentation that describes how to invoke row actions, mass actions, global actions, etc.  Additionally, nothing about how to retrieve the column information specified in the builder, etc. To truly make custom views powerful, harnessing all these goodies is required.  There’s even a way to specify which types of elements should be emitted (e.g. table vs div, tr vs td) yet no documentation around this.

Would like to see the documentation on Custom Views updated and enhanced to reflect current Skuid functionality.  Thanks!

Thanks Barry.  You are correct that the custom view doc has not be well updated. 

I assume that you have seen this doc:

Its not exhaustive,  but its a start. 

Thanks Rob.  Yes, I’ve seen the tutorial but, as you say, it’s simply a start as it doesn’t touch on anything other than basic output of field values.  

While I enjoy reverse engineering minified source code as much as the next person, I’d much rather spend 15 minutes (as opposed to several hours) with a doc page that explains how to make things work. :slight_smile:

Is there XML for this custom view tutorial?

Hey Pat -

It’s possible that it lives somewhere that I didn’t check but AFAIK, the XML is not available for the tutorial unfortunately.  

Its fairly straightforward to create the page by hand following the tutorial but would be nice to have the sample XML to make things a little easier.  

Possibly the Skuid team knows where the XML for the current tutorial is but assuming it does not exist hopefully when the tutorial is updated an XML version can be made available as well.

running into same thing here. I need to have 2 “rows” per record of table. I appreciate all that you do!

following up- is there any direction for adding drawer action (as example) to custom views?