Do "undefined" fields in Skuid Models slow queries down?

I have a hunch about this. We have a very large Skuid app overlaying our Opportunity object, and in my efforts to speed up load time, I found I could bring it down by 50% if I got rid of all the “undefined” fields in my Models. 

An example of one of these fields is, on a Model looking at the Opportunity, a field “Opportunity_Data__r.Id”, which is reaching over to grab the Id from the Opportunity_Data__r object, instead of the Opportunity object. These fields often show up as “undefined” on the list of fields in my Model. Here’s an example image: 

So my question is, do fields like this slow down the load speed of the page they are on, and is it best practice to avoid the temptation of using them? 

If so, I’m working on rebuilding my Models and some of the fields keep ending up in there. Is this because my Render conditions look at multiple Models in a set? 

Hi Eugene,

You are correct. A best practice is to eliminate fields from your models if they are not needed on your page. Without knowing your page, a 50% increase in performance sounds like a lot for that kind of adjustment.

Something else I notice is the “undefined” label for the fields and data types. Seems to point to access to fields or fields not existing anymore? I would expect to see the field label and data type. If one of the fields you detail is needed, remove it from the model and add it back in.

Let me know your results or if you have additional questions.

I recommend reading through our best practice documentation (Page Performance Guide):


That is definitely strange to see undefined. If the fields existed you’d see the label and type. If they exist you’d get an error on query.