Do I Have to Set Regular SF HomePage Layout Assignments to Default for Skuid Page Assignment to Wor

So I’m transitioning our org over to using Page Assignments to provide different Home Page’s per Profiles. I’ve already created individual VF pages for each home page, the custom components linking to each VF page, and the home page layouts for each as well.

But I’m noticing that using Page Layout Assignment isn’t actually overriding the pages. I have created brand new sets entirely separate from what we currently have so that I have no issues moving over to using <skuid:page objectType=“HomePage” actionType=“Tab”/> within my VF Pages.
Also, have made sure to update the security settings on the VF pages so I wouldn’t run into that issue.

Any ideas as to why they aren’t being overridden? I have gotten them to work in the past just feel like i’m overlooking some small detail

I know that the mutliple component / multiple layout model is what Salesforce gives you,  but you can do away with all that complexity and have one layout, one component, one VF page - and handle the profile differences with page assignments.   See this post:

I’ve taken a look at that post but the pages still aren’t overriding. Even with a brand new VF, Component, and Layout it is till displaying what the native Salesforce HomePage layout model is set to. Ill keep at it just curious as to why it’s not picking up the override.