Displaying Feed Attachments in Attachments Model

In my Opportunity Skuid page, I have tabs both for Chatter and for Attachments. In the standard SFDC layout, Feed Attachments (includes “Select a file from Salesforce” and “Upload a file from your computer”) are displayed in the “Notes and Attachments” Related List, along with regular attachments/notes. For our SFDC we enabled Notes and Attachments to now be “Google Docs, Notes and Attachments”, and the type of document is either an Attachment, or a Feed Attachment (I believe Google Doc is another type).

Essentially, all of our users can only see regular Attachments in Skuid and not Feed Attachments. We know that they can be found through the Chatter tab, but this is highly impractical as there can be tons of other clutter from the Chatter Feed. This is a big deal right now as many of our closed-won opportunities have contract details that are of type Feed Attachment, making things very difficult for post-sales support and renewal opportunities.

I looked for similar discussions but didn’t see anything specific to Feed Attachments (if there is another thread, I apologize for the duplicate and you can of course just link me to it). The one thing we’ve tried so far is adding in a table using the FeedItem SObject. Any ideas/solutions?


No worries Dylan.  Here is another forum post with your answer: 


Unfortunately at this point you have to create separate tables for each item:  notes, google docs,  regular attachments and chatter attachments. 

Fantastic - thanks! Got it working perfectly. The different tables isn’t too bad, I actually just created a separate sub-tab for each of them.

Is it possible to add Google Docs/Feed Attachments from the table? I have no problem uploading regular attachments as well as creating notes, but uploading a Feed Attachment seems a bit tricker.

Second, the Google Doc link only takes you to a separate page in SFDC to go to the Google Doc. The Google Doc URL is a field on the GoogleDoc SObject, but is not clickable.

Any ideas on those things? I’ll play around with it a bit but didn’t know if there was a simple/quick fix.

Thanks again Rob!

Glad this worked for you. A few clarifications.

  1. I don’t believe you will be able to inline add new docs to the feed attachment. The file uploader is only provided within the chatter interface. We’ve had it on our back burner to enhance our file component to enable creating feed attachment items - but that’s a to do.

  2. You can add Google Docs inline. They are just a reference to the URL where the doc really is. See below for a suggested means of adding those rows to the table.

  3. You can get directly from the name of the document to the actual google document if you add a template field to your table and some html code. Here is how:

  • Drag a template field from the component list into your table.
  • Make sure both the Google Doc Name and Google Doc URL fields are in your model
  • Add this html code to your template:

This will post the name of the google doc, but open the doc in a new window when you click on the link.

  1. A downside of using a template is that it will break the standard “inline add” feature. So here is how you would add rows to the Google doc table.
  • Remove the “Allow inline Record Creation” property from your table.
  • Add a “global action” to the table of type “Multiple Actions”
  • Add the following actions:
    Create New Row (in google docs table)
    Open Popup.
  • In the popup you can show the Name and URL field for users to fill in by pasting from thier google docs.

I believe this should get you where you want to go…

Thanks Rob - that all makes sense and I’ll try it soon.

However, after implementing this I wasn’t aware of an issue that had come up that is somewhat unrelated to this - we just have too much going on in our Skuid page now, and some Opportunities won’t load.

Not sure if this deserves another thread, but I think it’s related enough that hopefully it can be answered here.

What I want to do is make our “Documents” tab a page include (more specifically all the sub-tabs will be another Skuid page).

I’ve started by doing regular attachments in a new page. I have them to work on their own when previewing a specific opportunity, however when using them as a Page Include it either shows no attachments or all attachments in SFDC.

What I have in my new page (called Opp_Document_Tab) is:

  • Tab for Regular Attachments (eventually will do Feed, Google Docs, Notes)
  • Models for Opportunity and Attachment
  • A table in the tab using the Attachment model
  • Condition on the Attachment model that the ParentId = (param) id; this is the same as in my original table for my main Opportunity page. It worked there and it works in this page on previews
  • A Page Include of Opp_Document_Tab on my “Attachments” tab in my main Opportunity Skuid page
  • I’ve messed around with the Query String but that doesn’t seem to affect anything - it’s either always nothing or all attachments (it changes if I remove the condition mentioned above from my new page)
I imagine this has to do with the Query String, but I’m not exactly what to do other than &id={{Param.Id}}

Any ideas (I feel like it’s a really simple fix that I’m missing)? Apologies for completely changing direction on this issue!

Separate question that merits its own thread. Please reference the new conversation here: Page include records will not load.

Thanks Rob! This all worked flawlessly (I hope!). Other than adding Feed Attachments, we can now view or add all of our attachments for every opportunity within Skuid!