display static resource image in table's template field

I have a static resource that I’d like to display in a table template. I’m currently using something like this:

{{#Ultrasound_Skill_Approved__c}}<img src="/resource/1479417508000/MDSignature">{{/Ultrasound_Skill_Approved__c}}

Is there any way I can make that more generic, so that it will display the image if all I know is the name of the static resource?

Ah, apparently I can just eliminate the Id in the URL, and salesforce will figure it out:

{{#Ultrasound_Skill_Approved__c}}<img src="/resource/MDSignature">{{/Ultrasound_Skill_Approved__c}}

Matt - yep exactly!  If you hardcode the numbers in there, you’ll have an issue when you move the page from org to org…so you’ve got the correct way to reference it!