Display name of LAST_MONTH

Is there an easy way to display the name of the current or previous month in a pagetitle?
Some kind of merge syntax?

The only way I know for sure is to do a calculated Salesforce field that calculates the month of today then use that in merge syntax.

Hi Matt,

Another way would be to add a Ui-Only field, “type = formula” and “return type = text” containing the following formula:


This produces the following output:

I’m not sure how to get the month name of the previous month using a formula function.
One way would be using a field of which you know that it has a date of the last month. You can add the field to the formula using the {{$Model.ModelName.data.0.date}} syntax instead of TODAY().
In the model you would load exactly one record which has a date from last month and you know that there will always be data in it.