Display information from 3 related objects in single table/line/something?

Relative noob here… I have gone through the documentation, tried multiple approaches, and am hitting a wall.

I have a client who has requested the following functionality: Partners log into their Community page and are able to see and edit information from three related objects (account, opportunity, and custom object related to opportunity) in a table or similar consolidated view. Basically think of it as a call list - each row/entry has information from the three objects and there will be multiple rows (one for each account that matches their criteria).

Thoughts/suggestions/guidance/good bourbons to try?


Hi Matt,

You can setup a table for inline editing for all of these objects, but it is NOT easy to do.

I recommend using a row action to popup instead in order to use a combination of field editors and tables.


Hi Matt

I would recommend an out of the box component called the Queue component with a page include that will display related data form additional objects.

This will let you display your data in a table-like manner and on click update the user view with additional info.

Here is a tutorial on that: http://help.skuid.com/m/components/l/127596-queue


You can also try a table with drawers for the related objects instead of popups if that suits your user experience better.