Display Error message from apex class to skuid ui

I have created one apex class.I am validating some data there.After that I need to display some message to skuid ui page based on the code done in apex class.
Is there any way with the hep of which I can display message from apex class to skuid UI.

Rohit.  I think you will find your answer in this thread:  https://community.skuid.com/t/calling-apex-function

Rohit, if you are performing the validation in Apex Triggers, then if you use the SObject addError() method, you can add errors that will show up in Skuid pages.

If you have a need to initiate this validation via a button click in the Skuid UI, then you should take a look at this post: Adding errors with JS

Hi all, I have a problem with skuid error mesages, I am adding errors with addError method from my trigger validation, but I do not see my error message as expected in the skuid UI
 ff.addError(‘Practice has no licensee’);

My skuid version is 6.8.20


I noticed that this doesn’t work for the fields which are available on tabs and I use a custom button to save.

I’m not sure what you mean by fields available on tabs…  Can you provide a little more insight?  We’d like to help you get this taken care of…