Display ContentDocumentLink in Community

I have a DocuSign PowerForm embedded in a Salesforce Community.  The Community User (with Customer Community Plus license) signs the form, and the DocuSign PDF gets attached to their Account record, and is shared with the User (specifically, with their Person Account record).  All of this seems good so far. 

I can display the DocuSign PDF on an INTERNAL Skuid page using the ContentDocumentLink object.  

When I try to display the PDF on a Community Skuid page using the ContentDocumentLink, I get nothing - the table doesn’t even render.
- I know (I think?) that files need to be shared via Chatter to show up in the community.  I tried sharing the file via chatter manually, and the record still isn’t showing up. 
- Is the ContentDocumentLink object available in the community?  If it isn’t, what should I use?  And then… once I have the correct object, I think I may need automation to share the file via chatter before it will show up. 

The DocuSign PDF should be viewable only by the Community member who signed it - this is critical!  

Any ideas? 

One update: 

  • I needed to enable Chatter for my Community User Profile.  Now I see the Content Document table on the Community page.  But I still can’t see any Content Document Links - even when I remove all conditions on the model.  

This is likely because your file (Content Document Link) has an ‘InternalUsers’ visibility setting instead of “AllUsers.”  To fix that, you could use process builder to detect when a Content Document Link is created and update the Visibility field on the Content Document Link to ‘AllUsers.’    Another option is to create a trigger to auto flip the visibility to AllUsers when a Content Document Link is created - this is actually what Salesforce suggests.

Here’s some info on the Object API guide:

And the Salesforce suggestion:

Ah.  Thank you - this makes sense.  Thanks for linking to the Salesforce documentation - I’d been struggling to find this!