Display as slider in table shows 100

We are using a the “display as slider” on a data field in a table. the initial value of the field is 0. However, when the table displays the slider it comes in initially as 100…

  1. The issue/ question: why does slider render not show initially as 0 value? value other than zero will show
  2. What is suppose to happen: on page load the slider should be positioned at 0
  3. what is actually happening: positioned at 100 until requery
  4. any additional resources to help us see what is happening(pics, XML, screen recording)* link to video:
  5. JOB-000744 | Salesforce - Watch Video

Hey @Chad_Gill ,

Looked into this and it appears to be a bug. I have sent this over to the team to look further into this.

I will ping you once i hear back with more information.


Hey @Chad_Gill!

I just wanted to follow up and let you know that the team logged the bug you have caught and has fixed it in the latest Boston (13.0.27) release!

As always, we recommend creating a sandbox env to install the latest release and to test your application before deploying it to prod.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reply here.