Display a wider picklist field?

How do I change a picklist field to display wide enough to show the full value of my entry?

Here’s one solution:

Create a new In-Line CSS with the following:

.nx-editor select {max-width: 100%;

This does it to all fields. Would like to be able to do it on just one field. 

Give an ID to your field/editor, then reference it by using #ID, like so:

#YOUR_ID&nbsp;.nx-editor select {<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; max-width: 100%;<br>}

I couldn’t get that to work. Field doesn’t have an option for a unique id. I changed code to #wide .nx-editor select and then put wide in the unique id for the field editor and it didn’t work.

I think I should be able to just rename the css to .widePicklist and apply that CSS to the field but I can’t get that to work either. 

It’s actually pretty nice to have all the picklists at 100%

I figured out what I was doing wrong before with not getting the CSS to be on just one field. I needed to include the select function

.widePicklist select {<br>
&nbsp; &nbsp; max-width: 100%;<br>}

And then I put widePicklist into the CSS on my field.