Different table views on different tabs from the same Model?

I have an existing Model tied to a Risk Assessment object in SF.  This object will also be used to store records for a Relationship Review.  I have a tab set with a tab for the Risk Assessment which allows users to create new RA records and also contains a table that shows the RA records.  I would like to create a new tab for the Relationship Review that is like the RA tab  However when a new record is created I want it to default to the Relationship Review record type and also have a table that shows only those records.  Can I do that with a single model or do I need to create a seperate model for the new tab?

You can do it with one model, but my guess is you’ll want to uses separate models. If you tie two components to the same model, changes in one component effect the other. For example, if you create a new row in edit mode on component one, it will create a new row in edit mode on component two in real time.

Thank you Raymond.  That’s what I needed to know.  How would I go about setting up the new model to only interact with one specific record type?  (i apologize if this is an elementary concept.  I’m still trying to find my way around.)

You would create a new model on the object, add the fields you need, then add a condition to the model where record type equals the record type you are targeting

Sounds pretty easy!  Thanks for the assistance Raymond.