Different Skuid Home Pages Based on Profile?

I just Skuidified my home page and I love it.  I would like to show relevant information to my users based on their profile.  Some need some information daily and for others it is irrelevant.  Page assignments work for tabs etc. but I don’t think they would work with the home page (I hope I am wrong).  Is there a good way to show different home pages based on a user’s profile?


I think I just figured this out.  I would just need to follow the exact same set up creating the visualforce page and the skuid page and then use the “Home Page Layouts” assignments native to Salesforce to assign the different pages.

1.  Setup
2. Home Page Layouts
3. Page Layout Assignments
4. Switch it to the correct layout for the profile.

I love Skuid!

You are correct Rich.  The only difference is that you need a different VF page to wrap the Skuid page for every Profile.   Then you create a home page layout for each profile that includes their specific VF page. 

Good work! 

Page Assignments CAN, in fact, be used for the Home Page.

When creating a new Page Assignment, for “Object Type”, rather than putting “Account”, “Contact”, etc., you can select “Other Situation” from the drop down, and then enter arbitrary text, e.g. “HomePage”. Enter something arbitrary for Action Type, as long as it is consistent, e.g. “Tab”. Then you can have as many of these as you want, for every Profile if you desire, and an org-default.

Then, for your Home Page Visualforce override page, use this syntax for the Skuid Page component:

<skuid:page objectType=“HomePage” actionType=“Tab”/>

I just tried this and I must be missing a step.  For whatever reason, it is totally ignoring the page assignments. And just loading the Default Skuid page that was assigned on the VisualForce page.  Is there additional code that has to be added to make the page assignments be respected?

Page Assignments

(Sorry I did not have a good cropping tool today).

Home Page Component:

Visualforce Page:

Home Page Layout Assignment = SkuidHomePage

Thanks for the help!

In your Visualforce Page, change page=“HomePage” to objectType=“HomePage”

That did the trick!  And I promise to check the code better in the future so you don’t have to hold my hand as much.  Thank you for your help.  LOVING IT!

What do you enter in the Page Assignment if you want the Salesforce home page to be the organizational default?