Difference between in/not in/includes/excludes in conditional rendering

When using conditional rendering for multiple specified values on a component, what is the difference between in and includes, as well as, not in and excludes?

I thought that they would be the same thing, but obviously are not if there are different options. Thanks!

What version of Skuid are you running? In 9.5.4, these titles have been changed to alleviate confusion.

Thanks for the reply Stephen.

I have 9.5.4 installed.

If you selected “Multiple specified values” in Content, you are not seeing the four options I had listed?

Those are what I see. I didn’t have it selected with Multiple Specified Values. I’ll ask around and see what I can find.

You can think of it like a google search.

Nashville Tennessee
This will bring in anything that has Nashville or Tennessee or both.

“Nashville Tennessee”
This will only bring back results that include both Nashville and Tennessee together as a whole.

Thank you Stephen! That’s very helpful.