Developer's Tool Bar

I shared this idea here a few months ago. An invigorating lunch date with Peter Bender inspired me to get it done. There are three steps. First, clone the skuid page “pagelist” under a different name. Remove all the fields but the page name. Next, clone the skuid page “pagebuilder”, under the same name, so that in future skuid will open the clone when it wants the page builder (if the page builder page is updated in future releases of skuid, you’ll have to remake the clone). Add a panel set. In the panel set use the include page component to include the menu you just made. Now when you open the editor on a skuid page, you will have a list of all your pages in the left menu. Click on a page name and the page builder will go to that page. next steps 1) add the CSS or Javascript to make the left menu accordian in and out, so you can minimize it when you want and slide it open when you need it. 2) add all your skuid pages to modules, so if you have a lot of pages you can use a module filter to see only a subset (this will require adding back in the module filter from the skuid pagelist page).

Adding pages to modules turns out to make the left hand menu much more useful… the catch being that i can’t add the user interface pages until the bug that makes a page with a module not work in a page include is fixed… for now all my user interface pages are set to “none” for module… and when i’m working i get a nice short list in my left hand menu.

skuid represents as great an advance in terms of what developer tools you can build with it as it does in terms of the user interfaces you can build… here is the nice breakdown i made of my skuid pages… and i can call up the lists easily as i work. If the list is not quite right… easy enough to change it around as i go. Love it.

Ken that is a great set of ideas.  We have previoulsy suggested that folks clone their own page list - to add filters on particular attributes (like when page was created,  or name conventions,  or Module as you have done).  Going one step further to do it all in a queue is pretty slick  (or sick, depending on your perspective).    Good work.