"Developer Notes" on page builder

It seems like it would be convenient if on the page builder there was a button for “Developer Notes” which would just open a pop up displaying a long text or rich text field that would allow the developer to add notes regarding the development of that page. That way the notes are not in the XML with the page but always attached to the page when a new developer takes over or if the original developer just forgets why he did something a certain way. 

Any documentation feature has got my vote

Agreed. Developer Notes by XML element would be great but that could cause issues for those with very large pages though. I’d recommend reviewing very large pages as a separate issue though. My vote is for any dev notes, but would prefer them to be attached to the XML element.

Up vote on this as well.  I’d also like to see a ‘Help for this Page’ rich text field.  Then we could add user instructions for any page.

That would be good too. For now I just use a button to open a popup that displays a Skuid rich text field for custom help.