Detecting tabShow for first tab and drawer display

Using the guidance provided at I have a custom button the toggles the display mode for various components on the page. The challenge I’m facing is setting the mode when the first tab of a tabset is displayed or a drawer is opened as those elements might not be visible and/or in the DOM when the button is pressed. 1) The tabShow event is not fired for the initial tab 2) There currently is no event fired for drawer show/hide I’ve tried using a Custom Component at the bottom of the initial tab and/or on the drawer, however since the element isn’t in the DOM yet when this fires and there is no wrapperElement like with field editors, I can’t seem to determine an approach to find the sibling components to programmatically toggle their mode. Any guidance on how to achieve this? A use case is: 1) Table Contains a drawer 2) Table’s drawer contains a tabset 3) Tabset contains a fieldeditor that should pick up the current mode (based on a change via button) It’s been talked about on a few other threads but would be a nice addition to skuid to expose the following: 1) tabShow/tabHide on all tabs including the default tab 2) drawerShow/drawerHide on all drawers Thank you!