Deployment Failed: Already a Child Relationship on File

I’m trying to move my object tables over to Salesforce, but I keep getting an error message: stating that there are 3 failed components, all of which have the following error messages: There is already a Child Relationship named on File.
I can’t find these existing child relationships. Can anyone help?

Hi Scott,

This is more of a general Salesforce issue than a Skuid issue, so you might get better responses on the Salesforce Stack Exchange or the Developer Forums.  

I did see this post though on the Developer Forums.

You might want to check if you “deleted” the fields, but have not fully “erased” them yet.  I think if you look at your list of fields on an object, you can click to find your “deleted” fields.  Once there you can fully “erase” them.

I hope this helps.