Deploy page assignments between orgs

I’m working on setting up another sandbox and am trying to migrate all of our Skuid settings over. The pages have been migrated successfully (the new “Package Pages in Module” feature is awesome!), but I can’t figure out how to easily migrate the page assignments. If I export the page assignments to CSV, the CSV file is using Salesforce IDs that are specific to my old sandbox, so the import doesn’t do anything when I upload the CSV file into the new sandbox.

Is there another option that I’m overlooking?


We’re hoping to streamline Page Assignments a bit in the future much like we’ve just done with Page Packs, but right now, there isn’t really a delivered Skuid way to do this. The issue, as you pointed out is that the Ids are different in your Sandbox than they are in Production. If you are working within the same stack on Pages/Page Assignments that have been cloned down, it works reasonably well, but trying to move Page Assignments up the stack the first time is problematic.

In the meantime, we recommend using the Salesforce Data Loader (or LexiLoader, if you are using a Mac), the Salesforce Data Import Wizard (doesn’t let you save mappings, so really only good for quick, one-time imports) or any other tool that supports loading data into Salesforce. You’ll need to swap out those Page Ids for skuid__UniqueID__c fields (an External ID field on Page) in your CSV, which you can get with the following query:

SELECT Id, Name, skuid__Page__c, skuid__Page__r.skuid__UniqueID__c FROM skuid__Page_Assignment__c 

The only other tricky thing about Page Assignments is there isn’t a Unique ID field, so you may decide to selectively delete the ones you want to update before you run the import (turning what would be an update into an insert), or just import the new ones and handle the updates manually. I know that’s not quite as straightforward or simple as any of us would like, but does that help?