Dependent required picklists

Hello - in native Salesforce, I have two fields that are dependent on each other on Opportunities - Stage and Sold Funding Type.

When the Stage is set to “Closed Won” the Sold Funding Type field becomes available and is required. The requirement is set in the native UI on the Opportunity page layout.

Is there a way to accomplish this in a Skuid table? Or do I need to recreate the field and make it required at the field level? Thanks!

I’d avise using Skuid’s conditional rendering to achieve this.  Unfortunately conditional rendering is not implemented in Table Columns.   So this function would be possible in an individual record (using a field editor where the Sold Funding Type was hidden until the State was Closed Won). 

One workaround is to put this in a Table Drawer.  You can implement a field editor in the drawer and hide the field as described above.  Unfortunately this does not enable mass update. 

So good news,  bad news.  Hopefully you can work it out. 

Thanks for the information Rob. I’m going to try making the field required at all times, but adding in values such as “NA” for the Stages it doesn’t apply to. We need to be able to mass update.

Thanks again!