Dependent Picklist not showing up if not configured

It seems that for dependent picklists if the controlling field does not have any values configured for the child picklist and you view that in a Field Editor component the child picklist shows as an empty dropdown. 

What we expected is that whatever value is currently on the record, even if it isn’t configured, would still be displayed. 

To work around this we added the option to the config but we have a lot of legacy records where this type of workaround would not work. 

Hi John,

We recently did some work on picklists showing the actual data even it wasn’t one of the current options.

This was done in Skuid 8.15.7. I haven’t tested this in your dependent picklist case, but it seems like this might fix your issue. I’ll try to doublecheck on the dependent picklist case when I get a chance.

I just confirmed that we are on version 8.11. I will look into updating to 8.15.7 and then let you know if that solves the issue. Thanks.


Just wanted to check if upgrading took care of this or not.


Yes it has thank you. Everything seems to be working well with picklists.