Dependent Filters in Skuid : Working with Data

HI All,

I am totally new to skuid. What I am trying to do is : 

- I have 2 fields on an Object, Division & Sub Division. There is no really dependency setup for these two fields.

- I created a tab view in skuid and tried to filter the rows by Division & SubDivision, Individually it worked good. But I wanted them to be dependent Like : If I select Division = APAC, The subdivision avaiable picklist values should be refreshed and show only APAC related subdivisions.

I figured out on myself that Custom JS is the only solution started up as below :

var params = arguments[0],
   $ = skuid.$;
var productModel = skuid.model.getModel(‘Product2Data’);
var allProductData = [];
allProductData =;
var i = 0;
var productRow = allProductData[i];

// Static Code that I am looking to generate dynamically
var filterItems = [];
filterItems.push({ label: ‘Cheese’, value: ‘cheese’ });
filterItems.push({ label: ‘Pizza’, value: ‘pizza’ });

return filterItems;

Now I do get the Object in data and also get the proper length for  allProductData array but next I want to do is traverse through the data and get the values for SubDivision field and put it in the array.

But I didnot find anything around it. i have 2 questions - 

 How to work on rows returned by data? what are its methods?
 Is this right way to set the dependent filter?

I tried :…
but its not my use case. Looking forward to and appreciate help from the community in advance.


You can start here… 

Hi Moshe ,

thanks for your reply. I did refer to the link you posted before i got this question. Also I made some progress myself and was able to set the dependency. But I have a question now.

allProductData =;

always give me 25 rows though there are more than 25 in the database. Is this a standard behaviour?

If your only getting 25 rows, you might have a condition on your model which is limiting the amount of rows, or you might have a LIMIT in the advanced properties of your model. As far as getting to the child records, make sure you select them in your model. Also I would suggest using the console to view the object along with it’s fields and properties. Try:


you should be able to see all of the available data in the console (Ctrl + Shift + J in Chrome).
Regarding dependent picklists, you will probably want to use a field renderer. You might want to do something like this in a snippet that’s tied to your second picklist:

var field = arguments[0],    
    value = arguments[1],
   $ = skuid.$;
if(field.metadata.picklistEntries.length > 0){

basically you are passed the field and the values as argument 1 and 2 and you can do a lot of cool stuff with that.