Definition of week in chart vs table

I have a mismatch between the date range in a table and chart.

It appears the problem stems from the definition of the week (i.e. what is that date range of a week). My preference is this would be Monday-Sunday.

this is the table:

showing 10 meetings in last week (where date = LAST_WEEK).

and this is the chart:

showing 7 meetings last week and 3 meetings the week before (being those held on 29/07/18, a Sunday).

this is the chart settings:

can someone please help me match these definitions?


Here is Salesforce detail on what ‘Last Week’ means:

LAST_WEEK - Starts 00:00:00 on the first day of the week before the most recent first day of the week and continues for seven full days. Your locale determines the first day of the week.…