Defined Dependent-Field-Picklists with Overriden Metadata on Model

Problem Description
A client upgraded their skuid install from 11.0.2 to 11.2.11 and they are now seeing an issue related to Dependent-Field-Picklists and the model that contains the fields which have overridden metadata for the picklist entries.

Testing and Results
Right now, when both are defined, nothing is rendered for the dependent field. Removing either the overridden metadata or the dependencies fixes the issue.

I also tried simply selecting all fields to be included for every option, but the rendering was still broken.

Expected Results
I would expect that defined dependencies to be processed first, and then the overridden meta to then be applied against the returned values.


Field A Values: 1, 2, 3
Field B Values: A, B, C
Field A controls Field B
Dependent Values:
 1: A
 2: A, B
 3: A, B, C
Overridden Metadata on Model: B, C
 Rendered Values 1: 2: B 3: B, C
In the above example, I expect only the values of "B" and "C" to be rendered when Field A is set to "2" or "3", but have nothing rendered for "1" because "A" was not defined on the model.