Defaulting Field Values on custom Clone Page?

I know we can set default field values on a custom “new” page, but how about on a custom “clone” page?

I’ve tried setting up my model condition to default a particular status, but since the model being clone doesn’t match that status, its values aren’t getting pulled in. (correct?)

So, are there any out of the box Skuid ways to set default field values on a clone page? Or would this have to be time for some customization?


Have you tried following the tutorial we provided here:!pret…   or here:

The trick here is that we are overriding the clone action with a “new record page”  that has been set up to bring in all the values from the old page (including the related models - using a “field from another model” condition).   Its really a “new record” page rather than strictly a clone page. 

If you are using this methodology - there is no reason you couldn’t include additional conditions in your clone page to set values in the new page.   The only concern would be as follows: 

1. You are creating an campaign detail clone page. 
2. You want to include all the campaign members from the original campaign. 
3. You want all the members in the new clone page to be set to “need to be invited”.  So you create a condition on the campaign member model. 
4. Because conditions serve two function (filtering existing records and prepopulationg new records) - there will be an unfortunate collision.  The condition will only return rows in the original campaign that meet the criteria. 

To get around that you can use the methodology introduced in our “mass create records” tutorials.

Here we pull in all the existing records - transform some of the data and create new records. 

Between these two methods, you should be able to get the effect you are after.