Default popup for editing template on Name field is blank.

I’m trying to use a template field with {{{Name}}} to remove the hyperlink, rather than just using the Name field itself.

My field editor is in read with inline editing mode, and the template is set to use the default popup for edit.

When I click on the edit button, the popup is blank, except for a Done button.

I dropped the regular Name field below the template, and the transition to edit mode works fine:

The sObject is Attachment, if that’s relevant.



When you put Triple Bracesv around the field in the template - our default mode will be to not allow that fiedl to be edited.  So we don’t show it as editable in the popup.  We still show the popup since you could have another field in your template that is not triple braced - and should be editable there. 

However, if you use the custom popup edit mode behavior, you can include the Name Field and allow it to be edited. 

Nice. Thanks, Rob!