Default photos static resource broken link in Community org

We’ve implemented photos on Accounts and a custom object Property using the Skuid system with the File custom object. It’s been great, we’ve even got a basic working mobile page where people can upload a photo of a property in the field.

However, most of our records don’t have photos, and probably never will.

Once we switch to the Community portal ( the links to the default images get broken.

Any ideas on how to make the static resource Default Photos available in the community org?

Internal org

Community org

Jack, what version of Skuid are you running? I just tested this in an org that’s on the latest Skuid patch release and didn’t get this behavior. I tested with two Communities, one with no prefix, and one with a prefix. If you’re not on the latest patch release, please go to Skuid Releases and install the latest patch release.

We’re on the latest - 6.8.20

Jack, can you either Grant Login Access to Skuid Support, or check what the broken link URL is when in the Community? To check the broken link URL you can either view the page’s HTML source and look at the tag and get its src attribute, or you can use the Developer JavaScript Console, right click in the page and click “Inspect Element”, this will bring up the console. In the “Network” or Console tab there should be a red error message saying that a certain image could not be found.