Default Checkbox Value on Table Record Create

Using the table component, Is it possible to have the following when you create a new record: 1) display a checkbox checked by default 2) allow the user to uncheck the checkbox 3) set the model conditions so that the table shows records with the above checkbox checked or unchecked

Peter, Is this checkbox showing a field in the underlying object ? Or do you want a checkbox to allow the user to select some of the records on the page ? Since SKUID already shows a checkbox (at least in “table” view) I assume it would be a checkbox related to a value in the underlying object/model. so the first step would be to add the field to the object in Salesforce…when you do that you can set the default value to be “checked”. Then the question would be… once the user unchecks some of the checkboxes… the next time he/she opens the page do you want the checkboxes to all be checked again… in which case you’ll need a javascript snippet to recheck them.

Hey Peter, #1 This should happen out-of-the-box. The fact that it’s not working is a bug and we’ve added it to the work queue. #2 The user would be able to edit this as usual. #3 You can build a toggle filter that turns a condition on and off that checks the value of that field. Here’s a tutorial with info on building a filter (Step 8 specifically.)