Default case owner ship to a group instead of a user on case detail page

Hi, I have a skuid page for case detail view. This page shows up whenever a case is created. Now I am working on service console app and i have pre-chat form which captures information like First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Etc. after entering this info, the chat session is initiated. Based on the info provided in the pre-chat form, a case is created automatically. Now my problem here is, the case created when the chat is initiated has owner field on its layout and the value on this field is the agent name who is chatting with the customer. There are 5 agents and all belong to a group. Is there any way by which the case owner is by directed to the group instead of the user who is involved in the chat. I want the field look like the image below by default instead of the user name as shown in the second image. How can solve this issue? Thanks. -Avinash