Deep Dive: Using Models and Conditions to enable more efficient data entry

On Friday J gave a great overview of an unexpected feature of Skuid’s Models and Conditions. 

Normally, you might think of models as ways to select existing records, but we actually provide some pretty nice features for creating records and related records using models as well.   You can build very intuitive data entry forms that collect data from multiple salesforce objects on a single page.  

 Check it all out here:

Some Items Discussed: 

- Relating Objects when Creating New Records with Conditions:  Create a form to build record that sends data to three different objects with one click of save - and maintains the appropriatre relationships.

-  Build complex data entry forms that allow multiple instances of an address tied to one new contact.

-  Add default values or prefill fields (some or all)  for your users to ease data entry in forms.

-  Redirect on Save.

-  Adding “OR” statements to multiple conditions.

-  Limits on conditions and logical statements?   Getting around SOQL limitations with subqueries

Cool stuff here. 

?link is gone

Very strange Ken.  May be due to some upgrades we are processing with our forum vendor…  You can get to the video directly from our SkuidVids Youtube channel.