Deep DIve Request Sandboxes and Skuid Testing

Excuse me why I expose my ignorance: :) I have been a run and gun Salesforce Admin/Developer. Skuid has made it easy to NOT use the sandbox.  As my ORG has matured and I now have mission critical processes I need to change my ways.  I realized this as the “Test in your sandbox before updating” message kept getting reiterated. And then again when I crossed my fingers and installed a new update and had a mission critical have some issues.  So. . . what are the best practices around sandboxes relating to Skuid updates and testing?  Can you do a deep dive?  I am currently stuck on 8.15.9 due to knowing I need to test, but not fully understanding the BEST way to test Skuid specifically.  I can cross my fingers again, but it seems irresponsible. And I would like to keep up with the new features.

Thank you!

Do you have a partial or full sandbox available to you?


Ok. Well. I’d start with simply creating or refreshing the sandbox. Then I’d upgrade that that sandbox to the version you’d like. After which I’d proceed to test the pages in the sandbox. The answer would be different if you had aspirations for automated user tests. That is beyond me at this time. Learning atm.

Follow up, just in case there are any people who are in the same boat as me.  I recently purchased a full sandbox and testing is simple.  Once the sandbox loads I have an exact copy of the ORG with all data and all Skuid Pages fully intact and working.  Testing in that environment is super easy.  When I was using the partial sandboxes the Skuid pages would be gone and it would show me the standard Salesforce view.  (I am sure this was user error, probably not including the pages in the backup or something, but it is what made using the partials seem frustrating and worthless.)  The full sandbox is costly but it makes checking the upgrade path so much easier. Since it is a 1:1 replica I can just go through pages and do side by side comparisons and I can check processes with fake data without worrying about the consequences of the data entry. Just make sure you are in the correct ORG :).  Anyway, full sandbox makes testing a snap and is a much less stressful way.  I now understand their value.