Dedupe a dataset before its plotted in a Chart

Is it possible to dedupe the data in a Model used by Chart component before it is displayed. 

Here’s my scenario, I have a report that counts number of a custom history object which logs the historical status of an object and charts it out split down by a number of different fields in different charts. 

However in some cases a record may have more then one of these history records as it may have been through a status twice, in the chart I want to only count each status history once. 

Is it possible to write something custom do modify the Model before the chart displays/splits the data? 

I’m fairly new to Skuid so apologies if there’s something obvious I’ve missed… 

Eoin,  I would reccomend that you look at Aggreagate models that group your model data by somthing in history record so that each action is only counted once.  The aggregate model can have groupings on the other fields that can be charted effectively. You can even look up to parent data in those groupings.